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Who , What and Why are We here for you?

Alternative Dispute Resolution Exchange was created by its Founder Cebeyon L Mattahs, whom himself experienced and discovered  as one of his own community's intelligentsia; the loopholes and default errors  of legal law representation and hired legal law representation. Furthermore it was further discovered that certain Keynote inmates exemplified a more, by  freedom of choice and circumstance and a personal take of matters at hand;  the courage to administrate in the legal court promenade self representation. Self representation as Cebeyon himself experienced was chartered by state law and federal law certainly but was held as a inferior in the seems of courtroom administrating. Cebeyon studied several live prose ( self representation) court proceeding and discovered that there would be a need for a entity that granted assistance and leveraging for these keynote individuals, bearing a good certification of good standing. After His return to civilization Cebeyon Filed in the state of California Alternative Dispute Resolution Exchange a communication specialist firm and legal auditing service for private, public and keynote personels. 

ADRE became the opt for Keynote individuals and person of current specified classification to acquire secondary line representation and security defense services.  This service had been designed to present a security defense and leveraging platform for key note person( inmates classified as self representation {prose}), while presenting legal auditing services for private and keynote persons who are capable of hiring and or have hired an attorney. This legal auditing feat had been introduced to perform just beyond the norms of vain and tiring process of  filings produced through unto that of the bar of association. Here clients can be assured that slumlord attorneys and lawyers found to be delinquent in their actitvities can be pursued and charged accountable. Furthermore it was made clear that clients that suffered from distrust factors between their state select given representation and  or hired legal representation should not proceed in any form of court hearing and proceeding in the nature where the client had not established a fluent clear statement as to what and how his proceeding turnout shall be; futhermore discussing litigation contracts and state attorney offers to be established between the client and his or her hired legal attorney or state appointed defense representation. 

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