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Alternative Dispute Resolution have conducted multiple research on the service operation public legal departments and  legal aid and the private attorney industry. We discovered that Alternative Dispute Resolution exchange by facts concluded from hypothesis,- resolved several issues that neither the Public Aid Department nor  the State Public Defender Department or any other independent service addressed.  In the State of California the legal aid assistance program does not assist clients  nor the public in civil lawsuit claims nor do they carry a board committee that would access what would be considered or validated as a worthy cause to file claim; this compared  to the public defender office which is confined to criminal defense. Therefore in a case that shows cross evidence that warrants a defendant to file claim, the public defender is limited by protocols and regulations, and cannot assist his or her client. Alternative Dispute Resolution Exchange fulfills The  need to assist the low income individual and homeless  individuals.

Furthermore  ADRE far supercedes the public aid office and private independent office in the context speaking concerning legal auditing service via secondary security interest services, that was designed to prepare and provide secondary real time affordable services, assisting clients on a broader scale. Alternative Dispute Exchange also addresses the matters, whereas a client whom hired legal assistance and state provided legal appointed representation, found guilty of delinquent defaults by administrating effective resolutions on behalf of our clients . More-so we discovered that there existed no other company that provided specified services for prose ( self reprentation) key note persons. Here in we have provided a link that provides more detail into A.D.R.E's  specified services leveraging and  leading  within its market industry respectively. A.D.R.E offers a link, verifiable documents, PDF's, and scripts pertaining to specified research, ratio & quantum data, and references concerning legal representation statue & bar limitations and Ethics. 

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