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Alternative Dispute resolution Exchange 

A.D.R.E welcomes you to explore our many feature services that you will find stands out and significantly aloft; from that of any private and Public Aid department and services there pertaining. 

 A.D.R.E- showcase, revolutionizing  true Civilian and  communication policy  &  consultation, legally,  abiding to all legal guardianships and laws providing  private and acquired guardian ,custom limited and state federal governed power of attorney contracts of representation via post communication between  2 parties or more.   We Will not be surprise if you discover that we are the only communication specialist business that caters to specific needs, such as secondary legal auditing  services and many many more services that you will find of value to satisfy your needs.


Experiencing ? lawyer attorney delinquent activities!!!!??? 

ADRE investigates for our clients  inmates, public / private detained &  personal keynote persons the matters of delinquent attorneys breech of contract of service  and proceedings . ADRE appropriates  strikes, motion declarence and civil filings and state lawsuit filings where as our client by consultations and clear mutual understanding feels there is ground to strike in clause. Alternative Dispute Resolution Exchange strategize however effective resolution platforms, corresponding to all parties involved to produce satisfying results. 

ADRE specifys services to key note persons such as Prose ( self representation registered inmates and public private persons);delivering document exchanges , certified  rights of representation,  courtroom appearances and i professional entity intercedings alongside with appointed Customized  communication specialist adjoined.

service features includes

Research Assistance. 

  • Document Review and  document text consultations 
  • professional courtroom ad-jointed business appearance and  appropriated  live courtroom intercedings.
  • security alliance professional platform ;established for key note (prose) defense.
  •   filings, movements and motion assistance  via statements adjusted; without bias tenderings or unbalanced technicle administrating in and upon courtroom promenades. officiated by elected & hired communication specialist.

Civil Public proceedings and filings

ADRE low income and homeless special civil filing assist fund; grants to victims and those fitting the criteria and requirements based by review, full assistance with civil filings , lawsuits and claims . inmate filing service  inclusive

Secondary Security Line 

Legal Auditing 

A.D.R.E.  provides secondary consultant services that allows our client under a mutual custom arranged Power Of Attorney to facilitate and acquire more control over his or her legal proceedings. Our client are guaranteed premium communication specialist trained to facilitate professional correspondence to state elected public defenders and hired attorneys alike; subjecting matters elected by our clients  only. ADRE provides resolution procedures and strategic effective services to resolve conflict issues based on the interest of our client only. ADRE proceeds to administer investigative inquiry and procedures concerning attorney delinquent behaviors and acts for the clients benefit.

One-on-O​ne live consultations 


ADRE facilitate mediating and corresponding on behalf of our client whom hired attorneys that has become unreachable or uncooperative. Facilitating assistance in  times and circumstances as such; we deliver up and personal  door to door investigative and correspondence service unto contact locations. We furthermore  administrate  private information and messages  by way of consultation  between the client and lawyers acquired; and investigate any other concern that our client feels and deems creditable regulated by sound contract & or by Limited power of attorney. One-on One live appearance and consultations appointments.   

Business to Business 

ADRE has established and created a business to business platform that creates an opportunity for legal law firms and entities governing in such profession to acquire quick resolution otimization services by way of utilizing ADRE's communication specialist services. Reduce time cost and eliminate those pesky micro performances while staying focused on the main objective. Here  ADRE manages those micro performances handling micro request from their clients such as, minor account adjustment , cash transferences, purchases, depositing and or message contact boarding. 

this service also includes for the State defense and public defender office a business to business platform that alleviates the  significant account of   over-caseloading.  A.D.R.E here showcases in house visitation to clients to fulfill micro macro services such as a custom research services, conclusive document statements, and the first time credit free collect call service, on we for clients enrolled in our program.

prior trial and hearing review and inquiry service custom for the client( business and or Department of Justice satisfaction)..


This service is truly a valuable asset to the community,  and public private businesses and  departments alike. I am fascinated by the deeply thought out unfolding and highlights that further declares the need for such services in the face of such absence observed in this profession and community platforms.

First to Serve Inc , Los Angeles Ca  family working for family,  "Robert Doe" 

Volunteers of America 

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Monthly Service

$700 monthly

$200 bi-weekly

$70 base club fee

Per Month

Private client  full  Alternative  Professional  services with  acquired  Private Document Analysis  Consultation  governance .

private investigation and auditing services 

private communication specialist 

special inmate pre select collect call paid account 

public hearing and private hearing appearance and representation of our client    ( communication specialist ) courtroom intercession 

research & analytic personal  reports  with process summaries 


One -via One  

Weekly Service

Free consultation

$50.00 weekly

Best for General Upkeep

1 hr session

  Courtroom quick Motion Agenda filing 

free collect call account .

research and courtroom presentation platform assistance 

public hearing and private hearing appearance , communication intercessions 

visitation/one-on -one

Daily Service


70 base pay 

custom client notation and message board 

( message delivery )

10 hour  collect call values

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